Review Policy

The page in which I explain my posts and review policy and list my contact infomation.

Contact Me:
To request reviews or if you have questions in general, you can email me at
I can also be found at the following places:

What I Prefer:
While I'll consider anything, I prefer clean books, Adult, New Adult, Young Adult, Romance, Paranormal, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Dystopian

Review Format:
Title:  Where I list the title of the book - and generally have it hyperlinked to the amazon buy link.
Author: The Author of the book
Synopsis from Goodreads:   I copy the synopsis from Goodreads because the synopsis is written, I do not need to rewrite it, but it seems weird to NOT have a synopsis in my blog.

Five Line Book Review:  My 5 sentence review.  I have to tell you - this is not easy for me.  If you read my reviews you might notice that my sentences are long and run-on a bit.  I have a lot I want to say in my self-limited 5 lines.

Rated:  Pretend I just watched this book as a movie - did it include cussing, violence, sex?  I will give it a movie rating (PG-13) and list why I gave this rating.  
Genre: Usually this will be the main genre (Young Adult, New Adult, Adult) and a sub-genre (romance, Sci-fi) 
Rating:  Rating 1- 5 with 5 being the best.  Bascially what I have listed on Goodreads or Amazon

Review Policy:
Time is a precious comodity for me.  I am married, have three kids and work a full-time job.   I will not accept every book that I'm offered; not because I think you're a bad writer - it could be that something is going on in my life that would make it difficult to keep a deadline, therefore I do not want to make the commitment at the time.  As it is, I don't review every single book I read.  I will list that they were read on Goodreads, and probably rate it, but I read somewhere between 90-100 books a year and 'ain't nobody got time' for all of that.  BUT here's my promise, if you offer your book to me for a review and I accept it, I will review the book, and post it to as many of the links above (and that I can/remember (I tend to forget about, but I'm getting better), I will also link the author when I can.  If for some reason I do not like the book, I will probably still write and post the review to my blog and possibly Goodreads, because of my promise - but my hope is that as an author, the review will be recieved as constructive criticizm.  I have no reason to tear anyone down for the sake of it - I want to help, and if that means you need help with editing, or maybe there were too many loose ends, I hope you recieve that in the spirit it is intended, and not as a blatent slap.  I understand that a book is a labor of love, and the last thing I want to do is be discouraging.

I will NOT accept money for a review.  I will accept gifted books that were not requested, but that leaves me no obligation to review.  I will enter giveaways (even for $5 gift cards) and don't believe that counts as being paid.

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