Monday, March 9, 2015

Sparrows for Free - Lila Felix

Author: Lila Felix
Synopsis from Goodreads:   
There are skeletons in every closet. Some stay quiet—and some rule your soul with an iron fist.

Ezra is ruled by the ghosts of his past—and needled by the guilt they create. Not only does he have to manage his own guilt—his friends are forced to bear the weight as well. He lives in limbo, never dreaming of anything that lies beyond the grave.
In his mind, he’s a murderer, pure and simple.

Hide and seek is Aysa’s game. She begs for small spaces and empty places. But, she secretly desires so much more.
When they find each other, a hope for something new is sprung.
But Ezra’s skeletons are out for blood.

“I hide shock well. I’m a pro at hiding. I have no idea that whatever he had to tell me would be so personal—so heartbreaking. But, I quickly remembered that heartbreak was all around him every time he turned around. He needs no more empathy or sympathy in his life. He craves someone to give him a different take on a tired situation.
And different is practically my middle name.”

Five Line Book Review:
I had read Lila Felix’s Love and Skate book a few months ago, and while the story line was really good and I did like the characters, the whole book felt a little stiff and needed quite a bit of editing; my lesson from this is never judge an author by their first book, and honestly I never would have pegged myself for doing something like that but I know that is exactly what I was doing every time I scrolled past Sparrows for Free on my kindle and bumping it down the line of my TBR pile; thankfully a friend talked some sense into me and told me I would really like this book, and she was right!  The story of two messed up people and the road being paved for them to their recovery was beautifully written and the characters were people I wanted to get to know.  Asya was a character I could relate to in some ways; not necessarily in the hiding from life - but growing up there were moments when I felt like despite talking, people looked right past me.  I loved her gradual increase of self esteem and standing up for herself; she didn’t wake up one day and decide to be different – it was a process.  If nothing else, Sparrows for Free will trap you into a story that you absolutely have to finish, if for nothing else than to see Asya and Ezra find themselves and begin to move past who they are and into who they should be.

Rated:  PG-13 - Mild cussing
Genre: New Adult - Romance
Rating:  4 Stars